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Friskin' the Whiskers from Bradly Dever Treadaway on Vimeo.
Friskin’ the Whiskers is a biennial cross-institutional grant for Jazz Musicians offered through series of performances that celebrate the fading legacies of jazz homes in NYC. Drawing upon the collective efforts of Rent Parties the initiative examines the economic struggle associated with jazz practitioners and their active roles as cross-generational arbiters and spiritual leaders. Fostering collaboration between young saxophone players, older generation ‘jazz legends’, ethnomusicologists and local DJs the work embraces the language of cutting contests and MC battles to reinvigorate healthy competition amongst musicians and spawn an intergenerational critique. The performances draw upon the legacy of Rent Parties placing entertainment and commemoration in dialogue with the stark economic realities that accompany artists and musicians alike.

Inaugurated in 2016 funded in part by Franklin Furnace Fund and Foundation for Contemporary Art’s Emergency Grant the first edition was carried out in partnership with the Abrons Art Center, Socrates Sculpture Park, West Harlem Art Fund, Momenta Art, International Center of Photography, City Lore, the Baylander and Tikhonova and Wintner Fine Art.

The winning recipient of the first edition of the grant is Baritone Saxophonist Larry Bustamente.